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Engineering, Image and Art

Prof John Robinson, Head of the Department of Electronics, the University of York is the lead academic of 'Automatic Object Analysis' project funded by Yorkshire Concept. John was chosen to take part in One & Other, a "live artwork" by sculptor Antony Gormley which involves 2,400 people occupying the Fourth Plinth over a 100 day period.

The Head of the Department of Electronics used his hour as an opportunity to share his enthusiasm for engineering and demonstrate some of the most exciting uses of current research in a public lecture entitled "Engineering, Image and Art".

"I chose to spend the hour in this way because I really like to share my enthusiasms," said Prof Robinson. "Being lucky enough to be allocated an hour on the Plinth was too good an opportunity to miss and I enjoyed it a lot. It was an experience unlike any other."

He added: "I most admire Plinthers who do planned, simple, thoughtful and charming plinth stints. Mine was not one of those, but I did what I love doing and it's great to be part of such a variegated jewel."

The lecture is available to watch online at

Words from the artist:
One person. One hour.
One & Other.

"Through elevation onto the plinth, and removal from the common ground, the body becomes a metaphor, a symbol... In the context of Trafalgar Square with its military, valedictory and male historical statues to specific individuals, this elevation of everyday life to the position formerly occupied by monumental art allows us to reflect on the diversity, vulnerability and particularity of the individual in contemporary society. It could be tragic but it could also be funny."
Antony Gormley


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